A leader in Charitable Trust Administration since 1997

About Greer Kendall

Greer Kendall graduated from Baylor University in 1986 with a BBA degree in Finance and Financial Planning. During the first 10 years of his practice, he focused on comprehensive financial planning, asset management, and estate planning for high net worth clients.

However, following the early passing of his father in 1994 when Greer was only 30 years old, he began to recalibrate his life and practice to begin focusing on the non-financial and three-dimensional aspects of family wealth. Specifically, he shifted his practice to assisting families in passing on meaningful legacies to future generations. Greer was one of the earliest adopters and pioneers in the new (at that time) and growing field of "legacy planning."

Greer ultimately sold his traditional asset and financial advisory practice and has been exclusively involved in the non-financial, legacy planning industry for over 24 years. He has worked in a variety of capacities with both advisors and clients in helping to synchronize and integrate a family's personal wealth of values with their social wealth of philanthropic passions and their financial wealth of assets in order to achieve a maximum family legacy impact. His specialty has been in strategic planned giving design and in facilitating active, "hands-on", experiential philanthropy. Over the last two decades, he has counseled hundreds of families in the area of perpetuating their own legacy.

Greer Kendall, Trust Management, Coppell, TX

As President and Chief Executive Officer for Family Legacy Administration Services, Greer is now working with financial advisors and legacy consultants around the country delivering "best-in-class" charitable trust administration services in Coppell, TX, to their client families.

Greer and his wife live in Dallas and have three adult children, one new daughter-in-law, and three Cavapoo dogs keeping the house active.